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Default Ref hat 7.3 new drv of Nv25

After install onto Redhat 7.3 (kern 2.4.18-3) in the same dir exist file "x86free..." this is a template... maybe not.. i overwrite it in my /etc/x11/x86free... file.
than type "startx" and see only a Nvidia Logo every 5-6 seconds then screen blanks going garbage ... after that screen logo "NVidia" come back....XServer don't start...

that it doest means? how overcome?

my Hardware
Abit kx-333/512 ddr 2700/highpoint 374 (single Seagate barracuda ata IV 60gb+raid 0 (IBM720060gb*2)/dvdrom asus/cd-rw asus/Asus V8420 TD 128ddr
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