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Default Re: OpenGL apps crash - FreeBSD 6.2/9631

In a _loosely_ related problem, I installed FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, and tried to install the FreeBSD NVidia 1.0-9746 driver directly, without using the x11/nvidia-driver port, and found that the make install process installed some of the OpenGL libraries in /lib, and then aborted the install with an error message part-way through the install. It looked like the more recent nvidia hardware driver tarballs required the X11BASE environment variable to be set before doing the install. Installing the nvidia hardware driver on FreeBSD used to work as a standalone process without any extra fuss, but now it seems that the x11/nvidia-driver port is required to get it right, or at least I didn't RTFM enough to figure it out how to do it properly in "manual" mode.

In short, with an improperly installed 9746 driver on FreeBSD, my OpenGL apps ran fine, but they all core dumped upon exit of every OpenGL process. I was surprised that any installation problem could result in programs working properly all the way until a process calls exit, then core-dump.

Unless I learn how to properly install the nvidia hardware driver 9746 or later directly from the tarball obtained from, I will now use the x11/nvidia-driver port, since the result using the port is something that works for me.

BTW, I am running a 7800GT card connected to a Dell 30" LCD 3007WFP, and it came up and worked relatively easy once the nvidia driver was installed properly. I'm using 2560x1600, the native panel resolution, and I used 'Xorg -configure' to generate the base xorg.conf file. The only changes I made to the auto-generated file was to change from Driver "nv" to Driver "nvidia", and added DefaultDepth 24 in the screen section.
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