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Originally posted by jAkUp
for the last ****ing time..
the nv30 DOES beat the 9700 in some tests... high resolution, low aa or no aa... the 9700 takes the lead by a large margin as you start to increase the aa though. quality modes compared to quality modes... the geforcefx still wins in some tests... (im talking about application slider, not aa or af)
Well duh! That's what I have been trying to say in my above post. Even though it may not have come out that way.
I was refering to the R300 beating the NV30 with max IQ options. I thought maybe someone might get a hint that low IQ options (2x AA etc...) the NV30 wins hands down. Some tests the NV30 even wins with 4X AA.

The NV30 isn't as horrible as some people may percieve it as. I don't think it's a horrible card, despite the NV30's disadvantages. The price of the card however is another thing. Around $1000 (depending what retailer, sometimes $1200 *cough* Harvey Norman, Clive Peters * cough* other times $950) for an 5800 Ultra here in Australia compared to a 9700 Pro $600.
Thes prices I'm stating are when you can get them cheap.

Prices like this have always been there for all NV's latest offerings.

Despite the drawbacks, it still is a good card. It's IQ isn't horrible (as I have been stating over the last few months) despite being behind the R300's.

I'm sure that most people do not play with over 2x AA and 8x AF. The NV30 will benefit those people.
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