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Default Some OpenGL apps show blank screen


I'm having problems with the 9631 driver on OpenSuSE 10.2.

3D apps like glxgears, BZFlag, Trackballs run fine.
Chromium, Xmoto and Quake II all show a blank screen when they run. The app is running - I have keyboard control and can Quit out of the game, but I get no video in the window of the game or I get a blank screen if it is fullscreen and I have to switch to a console and kill the app.

Nvidia driver 8774 works fine for all the games but the fonts look super ugly on Suse 10.2 so I would like to get this resolved.

OpenSuse 10.2, Nvidia legacy driver 9631, Onboard GeForce4 MX 32MB.

I tried disabling all of the following but no luck:

Any ideas on why certain games were fine on 8774 but not on 9631?


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