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Everyone speaks of bad IQ.
hummm... it's funny how I cannot tell any difference in the radeon and 5800 with the naked eye.

Yes Mr HB we kiss the Radeons @ss.
The only problem I have with the FX is the screensaver OH problem.

"Fact" some fanboyz give a good product a bad light.
"Fact" any site like THG etc that test these cards that has
the ultra winning is a sh!t site to the fanboyz of the other product.
"Fact" on "MY" system the 5800 is just about as fast as my Pro was.
"Fact" my 3DM01 and 03 scores are 1000 points higher with the Ultra with the same settings."IQ"

Don't get me wrong I LOVE the Radeon. It's a better card in most cases.
I hate to see people bashing a card that they do not even own.
The ultra is a wonderful, fast, mean looking card.

This reminds me of the 8500. The shoe is on the other foot.
The NV owners bashed the hell out of us 8500 owners to begain with. Then better drivers really helped out.
Plus everyone and his brothers uncle does not own one.
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