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Default Re: 1080i Bug with Component Video Output 6150

I spent time playing with TwinView and setting up various MetaModes which generally worked with the TV-out but did not do what I wanted. MetaModes can not be used to fix the overscan problem that result in cut off at the top and bottom of the display. It is kind of fun to be able to create a big panning domain and scroll around though.

I spent time reading though the various NV forums and found a thread “Overscan with 32” LCD TV” that deals with the same problem. The posts #42 and #44 in April 2006 sum up the problem we are describing. I found other traces of this problem in several other threads in these forums dealing with TV out and media center PC’s. NVIDA must know about this “feature request” from the Linux community but have chosen to not provide it.

I am done at this point unless I did into X and figure out how to tell it to only draw within a sub region of the display area presented by the driver (software underscan?).

Luckily my TV will take DVI or VGA or Component. It is just that I did not want to have to pull the new cables around in my entertainment center to use anything other than Component Video. I will now work on DVI output to this HDTV where I can create custom mode lines to deal with overscan problems.

I am a bit disappointed. I thought the hardware I had chosen was well supported. I also have yet to get sound working…… and I have to get the optical output going…… any success stories?
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