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Unhappy glPixelTransfer, color matrices and glCopyPixels slooow....


We are porting our visualization software for flight simulators from IRIX to Linux. So far, NVIDIA's Quadro cards really produce astonishing results.

Now we have bumped into a real show-stopper though. Our sensor (IR) view is accomplished using a color matrix and glCopyPixels to apply a scale and a bias. As soon as we apply a color matrix or try to accomplish the same results with glPixelTransfer, the glCopyPixels call takes about 1,5 seconds! The same call on an SGI Octane2 takes about 1000 times (!) less time. I guess this can only mean that color convolution with this technique is not hardware accelerated by the Quadro card?

Is this really the case, and is there any other accelerated way of accomplishing the same results?

This matter has high priority since many of our costumers are looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive SGI machines and a PC with a Quadro card running Linux would be a competative alternative.

Andreas Ekstrand
Systems Engineer
Saab Aerospace, Linkoping, Sweden
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