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Originally Posted by Redeemed
See, you have one GTS, I have two. You'd think my score would be in the 50's or so- wouldn't you?

Anyhow, I don't fare very well in any of the 3DMark tests. In '03 I get about 30k actually, but that's the only one where my score is kinda' high.

Who knows why my scores are so low. My game performance is definitely a lot better than my 3DMark scores would indicate though, so I'm happy.
Nope, GPU performance has little to do with the 3dmark01 score nowadays. Try overclocking your cpu even a little and I bet you'll see a pretty huge jump.
3dmark01 should only be used to test the performance of your cpu, while 3dmark06 is better suited for testing gpu performance. I bet that even a 9800pro could get the same score as you on the same cpu.
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