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Default Virtual Console corruption enabling Twinview


Im using the latest nvidia drivers with mandriva 2007. i have a Athlon62 3200+ venice
core, ASUS A8N-E MOBO, 512MB RAM, Geforce 6600 LE PCI-X video card.
X works flawlessly without Twinview support. when i enable twinview so i can use my TV as a second display fron nvidia-settings for clone mode and i apply the changes everything works ok too. The problem is that when i save the xorg.conf file and restart X with twinview's configuration, my xterm terminals just hang, i cant type a thing on them and also
if i change to a virtual console i can only see garbage,(video memory corruption?)
notice that when this happens, Linux is still alive, i still can do a CTRl-ALT-SUPR and reboot the machine..

Please help is very welcome!

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