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Question Sound on MSI-7N2G-ILSR with Debian woody and kernel 2.4.21-rc1-ac3


I tried to get the sound working in various ways. First compiled my kernel, then tried to compile the latest nvaudio driver 1.0-0256. Compiled without errors but did not work when inserting. Then I tried the i810 patch included with nvaudio driver 1.0-0248. Compiled the i810 module, which worked, then tried to compile the nvaudio driver 1.0-0256, went fine. But when inserting the module my machine freezes.
Now I use the original i810 sound module which inserts without a problem. But when using the arts daemon dmesg says:

i810_audio: drain_dac, dma timeout?

and my sound sounds in not continuous.

Could some one please help me or how to fix the problem with the i810 module, or how to compile and activate properly the nvaudio module. And does anyone know how to activate more than two speakers with the i810 module....

Thanks in advance,

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