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Default Viewsonic 22inch LCD...gimmick or the real deal?

ClearMotiv™ technology
Human vision allows images shown at 24 frames per second (fps) to be perceived as smooth motion video. Movies play at 24fps, analog TV at 30fps, and DTV ranges between 24-60 fps depending on HDTV format. ClearMotiv™ fast video-response technology allows frame rates up to 200fps for true broadcast quality full-motion video.

ViewSonic VX2235WM 22" 5ms Widescreen WSXGA+ TFT LCD 1680x1050 DVI-D/VGA

I have HDTV capture on my PC.......would the viewsonic be the best 22 for the job, or do all 22's do the same job for HDTV playback?
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