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Default Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card

It appears that I may have the problem described in this post:

"The image appears in stereo on screen and the emitter led lights when stereo is turned on, but the emitter is out of sync. When viewed through stereo glasses, the picture flickers badly and the stereo effect is way off."

It is fixed by using the a patched 7676 driver with kernel 2.6.16 as described here:

Will this work with kernel 2.6.15 (Ubuntu dapper drake, 6.06 LTS)? It apparently didn't work for funkenstein using 2.6.15-20-k7. Is the failure due to the k7 processor or due to the kernel version?
Is there a better solution? Should I upgrade to edgy or switch to fedora or centos? Do you have any suggestions?
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