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Originally posted by Thunderbird
Direct booting from tv is only possible I thought if you use a composite connection on the card. (not using a convertor or something like that)

I think that the guys at the site you gave aren't using that way. I think they use a VGA -> TV convertor.

My card has both composite and svideo connectors, i've tried them independently and toguether.

The guy from the site is not using a VGA->TV, he says that on the article.

Did i misunderstood what the README.TXT on the linux drivers says? Anyone else has ever tried this, or could meke a test and report here?

I still have time to exchange for another brand if i discover it's a "this brand only" problem. Seems that NVidia does the chipset, but the maker of the card does the rest (including TV-out).

BTW mine is chrontel 7007.

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