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Default Installing NVIDIA driver on newly installed (but not yet running) kernel

Here is the process I currently follow to install the NVIDIA driver on all the Linux systems I support (18 at last count) when a new kernel is released:

0. Install new kernel on all systems with yum

1. On a test system that is running the new kernel at run level 3, I run the NVIDIA installer script with the --add-this kernel option to create a custom script

2. I then install the driver on the test system using the modified script with the -s (silent) option

3. Next I switch to run level 5, and if everything appears to be working correctly, I am ready to upgrade all remaining systems

4. I then schedule a reboot with each user to boot the new kernel, and temporarily modify the kernel command line to only go to run level 3

5. I log in to the system as root, run the custom script with the -s option, and switch to run level 5

What I would like to do is to install the NVIDIA driver into the newly installed but not yet running kernel, to avoid having to schedule a time to reboot each user's machine and install the driver manually. This way they can reboot at their convenience to get the new kernel. Is this possible?

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