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Default Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD

I've got the 971. It's pretty nice. I like that it plays DVD-Audio (I have 3 of these), and it's region free (have some Hong Kong DVDs) and it converts PAL to NTSC on the fly very well (I have quite a few PAL dvds). That and its a good upconverter.

If you already have the Toshiba HD-A2, I don't suggest the Oppo player. From what I know, the A1 was better than the Oppo 971, so if that's anything to go by, the A2 is probably just as good or bit better than the 981.

The only reason I got my 971 is because I needed a new DVD player and for the price I got it ($199) it did everything I wanted, good scaler for upconverting, convert Pal to ntsc, play XviD, have firmware updates, play DVD Audio. It plays XviDs really well by the way.

My only gripe with the 971 is that it only remembers to resume for 1 DVD. I'm not sure if the 981 is the same.
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