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Default Re: Installing NVIDIA driver on newly installed (but not yet running) kernel

Originally Posted by zander
The --kernel-module-only command line option should do this.
Thanks for the quick response. I wonder how I've missed this option before. After creating a custom script for the new kernel, I just tried this option on another test system as follows:

./ -s -K -k 2.6.9-42.0.8.EL

But I get the following error:

ERROR: The '--kernel-module-only' option can only be used to install a kernel module on top of an existing driver
installation of the same driver version. The existing driver installation is 1.0-9631, but the kernel
module is 1.0-9746

In this case, I have both a new kernel and a new version of the NVIDIA driver, so this doesn't work. If I use the -9631 custom package to install the kernel module only with the above options, it works just fine (thanks!). I guess my follow up question is:

Can you install a new NVIDIA driver on a non-running kernel?

I expect the answer to be NO, but I'm hoping that there is a way. It would make upgrades a lot easier.

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