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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
He said: IN's are used for everything electrical BUT the numbers themselves are none-existent or something like that.
Well, mathematics were really based on counting stones, at the time were merchant used little stones to precisely represent such quantities as the number of animals in their flock (the word calculation is derived from the Latin word "calculus", stone). So I suppose one such merchant could say INs doesn't exist because he don't use them to count stones. But then the same could be said of numbers with decimal points and negative numbers.
Your math teacher certainly would be very disoriented, to say the least, by research in physical science. Some theories states that our universe is not made of only 4 dimensions (x,y,z and the time) but more than 20, only the other dimensions are so thick that they are not of any practical matter until you go to see and try to understand what's happening at distances smaller than atoms (the extra dimensions, looked which such en enlargement, do not appear so thick then and begin to enter in the game). If one thinks that numbers with just 2 dimensions (which is what really INs are) do not exist, he'll have a hell of a time with numbers of more than twenty dimensions, yet that is still physical science, the science of studying nature. So I would not say those things do not exist.

Even if they are not of practical use to count rocks.

Probably, your teacher really thinks that even if INs may be an interesting matter, as a detailled study of INs is not in your curriculum he just do not want to start the debate. Just a guess.

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