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Default Re: Guild Wars on Satelite Internet

I don't know anything about Wild Blue so I can't really compare the two. I'm partial to HughesNet since they aren't going anywhere and if I'm outlaying $300+ for initial equipment and installation charges, the company I'm giving my money to better be around for a while.

Don't let the marketing fool you - there's latency inherent in Satellite Internet due to the distance between the bird (satellite) and the earth station (you). They might try to tout how they have "advanced algorithms" and crap to compensate but they cannot overcome basic speed of light limitations. I get anywhere between 800-1500ms latency using the best non-static IP consumer plan.

One other thing to think about is each provider's FAP (Fair Access Policy). To ensure the shared bandwidth is equally distributed, satellite providers use FAP to limit the amount of data transferred in a given time period (usually an hour). Each plan has a different FAP limit and recovery rate so check on that for your planned usage. Say goodbye to hugh file transfers though. If I have to DL more than 400MB in an hour, I'll hit my FAP limit. That limit is per account, not per user, so you'll hit the limit faster if you have several networked computers downloading at the same time.

Rural internet sucks. Can you get ISDN where you're at? I live in the 1% of California that cannot get ISDN. Lovely...

Here's the HughesNet community at if you want to read further...
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