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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

Just picked up Vanguard for the first time tonight.. awesome.

This is a real learning curve for me, but I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far. I'm a dark elf sorcerer. I got in a battle and got hurt.. all of a sudden this female dark elf is running up to me and waving. Then she heals me and gives me some starter tips. Ah.. cool!

I'm in Therroden(sp?) right now and just doing some exploring. I honestly don't know what the crap I'm suppposed to be doing.. lol. I suppose I should check out my quest log when I log back in again.. I've just been overwhelmed by the size of the game so far and wanted to do some roaming around first.

Personally, I think this game looks really good. Lots of graphics settings that you can turn up. Volumetric clouds! Same as are used in Crysis.. can't complain about that. Nice detail in the ground textures.. grass is lively and blows in the wind. Sound effects are great. I can hear snakes and lizards crawling through the grass all around me in digital surround. The game is bad, yo!

Here are some shots I took from some brief adventuring...


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