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I think we should wait for the Detonator FX (5x.xx) before we make any final judements on the FX's performance.

And what mreman4k said, hellbinder is in here far too often with the "this is why ati are better..." which there is just no need for. The NV30 is a nice card, so is the R300/350. Which you get is completley upto personal choice and they all have their own strenghs and weakness's.

People tend to think im pro-nvidia btw just because i stick up for them far more than most people, check around the other graphics cards thread though and you will see that i just buy what i thinks best. Right now i have a 9700 PRO on the way. Truth is ill take the opposite of an argument just to argue its my one flaw

Ill let you guys know how my FX > 9700 AIW goes..

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