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Default change "1360x768" timings ?


Im using Mandriva 2007 and the latest 9746 drivers.

The native resolution for my LCD-TV is 1366x768 and Im using 1360x768 (close enough) on my desktop.

I want to do some "fine adjustment" since the picture is not 100% centered on the screen, and I have succesfully tried some timings in Powerstrip using Windows.

However - If I try those changes in the "1360x768" modeline in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart - nothing happens.

I even removed the modeline completely, restarted and still got 1360x768 ?

How can I change the "1360x768" timings ?

Attached the nvidia-bug-report.log made with startx -- -logverbose 6

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