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[quote]Originally posted by threedaysdwn

I'm considering the move to a 5800U if I can find one, after reading of BK's satisfaction with the card.

I love my 5800ultra.

i recommend that those who might be interested get them soon and get the BFG model . i honestly do not think there will be anymore fabricated (nvidia puts waay too much quality and money into this card and lost big $) and am pretty confident that the ASUS v9900 will never ship to the states. (classless sons of bitches arent even being honest with US retailers about it either) because simply...nvidia isnt making them anymore and only nvidia made them. if you buy from a US-only distributor like BFG, your gonna find they havent already sold all their stock in Japan and Europe like ASUS has.

so guys cancel those ASUS pre-orders if you have them. sorry i know it sucks.

its a really neat card. there is HUGE slowdown bug when enabling AnisotropicFiltering (or the TextureSharpening option. same thing) and until fixed in drivers, should be disabled.

frame thoroughput and smoothness cannot be measured by a benchmark and have to be judged by in-game play to be properly measured against the R3xx chip...and it is awesome for that.

but im afraid , to be honest, that i feel your 9700Pro is still just too viable and valuable a gaming card to replace it yet. your going to get more driver stability and faster OpenGL performance, but your gonna probably see equal to maybe even slower results from your upgrade and you could be opening the door to a whole bunch of new problems too. (powersupply issues, ATi to nvidia driver bugs. ive never been able to switch from one brand to another and get real results without a fresh OS. i dont know why. but either driver has issues when replacing the other in an old operating system.

honestly, i think too many ppl are running on (imo crap) thirdparty motherboard chipsets (like VIA or SiS) which have much more questionable stability and could honestly be the source of many peoples problems with their ATi drivers. (4in1 agp/ide driver patches every 6 months? talk about asking for small bugs and incompatibilities under stress. and gaming is the ultimate stress on a machine.)

good luck dude. but i think you should at least wait for nv35
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