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Originally posted by hovz
as i said in application mode with any aa or af nv30 loses
just with AF enabled.

nvidia's AA is actually really good - its just that alot of people run AF alongside it.

with Aniso properly disabled (meaning that not only the drivers, but also the bench or game is toggled for TRILINEAR filtering instead of Aniso) i cant even see a slowdown from FSAA but usually 5% tops.

but man that AF slowdown bug is a ****ing dog. i mean its almost unplayable with Aniso on. how the hell is nvidia at version 40+ on their drivers with such an open bug still visible, is beyond me and is inexcusable.

hovz what hardware do you have? what scores do you get with AF disabled on your ATi solution with just AA enabled? lets test that attitude of yours =)
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