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Default Re: Guild Wars on Satelite Internet

Originally Posted by vandalous
If there is a WiMax option in your area, that may be something to check as well.

I use satellite because there is no other option out here. Even our phone lines are crappy and get only around 26Kbps due to the noise on the lines. If you go the multilink route, make sure your phone lines are decent so that you can get the 85-95 Kbps throughput.

Ah rural living - nice and quiet but man the intarweb sux!

Edit: If you want to be a balla, you can get a T1 or even a fractional T1 for only a few hundred a month!
Vandalous is exactly right. If your PSTN lines are only throwing 26Kbps then multilink is worthless and you'll need to look at ISDN or the other options.

We've got DSL out in the sticks now and I love it.
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