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Default Re: sp/dif passthru?

Originally posted by thingi
Has anybody managed to get ac3 passthrough to work on the new nforce drivers?

I can get the sp/dif to output standard pcm, but I'm not having much luck with Xine or Mplayer sp/dif passthrough for my DVD's :-(

Xine and Mplayer did passthrough perfectly when I had my GametheatreXP (alsa drivers) installed.

Mplayer don't know how to handle ac3 passthrough. You're using mplayer -ac hwac3, right? And gives you 3-4 fps, ja? I'd reccomend vlc for that task. Dunno 'bout xine.

Btw, I ask everyone I pass on my way to eternal happiness that have an nforce2 chipset if they've had any luck with digital out in alsa-0.9.3. It locks up my computer if I try e.g. "aplay -D hw:0,1" or select the iec958 output device from xmms. Have you or anyone else here had any luck with this?
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