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Default Re: OpenGL apps crash - FreeBSD 6.2/9631

If your portstree is up2date it will install the 9746 driver. Not sure why you would want to install directly from the tarball..
I'm working on a project where several systems with multiple nvidia cards each will be put into production with the drivers and software "frozen" at the versions with which everything was tested, and anytime within the next few years, we may need to be able to regenerate a system from scratch with a properly working 1.0-9746 nvidia driver.

Rather than have to deal with a moving target (ports tree, which BTW does not have the most current driver in the 6.2-RELEASE ports tree), I need to know how to manually go from a just-installed 6.2-RELEASE system to having the 9746 nvidia driver working on that system. I must document for our project how to do this.

It appeared to me after glancing at the ports/x11/nvidia-driver Makefile that the only dependencies were m.3 (i.e., which comes from the compat5x package, and the X11 base libraries. I had both of those packages installed before attempting to install the nvidia driver from the tarball.

The NVidia doc/README file says to do "make install", but clearly that did not work correctly for me when using 9746. The nvidia README is not specific on how to get the proper Linux OpenGL libraries installed. I am hoping that either NVidia will update the documentation about how to get the most recent drivers completely working directly from the tarball, or I need to learn how to do it manually so I can definitively document it myself for the project we're doing.

Doing "make install" from the tarball used to work properly 9-12 months ago, and that no longer does the trick. Based on other postings I've seen here, it seems that other users have stumbled similarly expecting "make install" to just work just as it used to in the past (for the last several years anyway).

The port does work for me, so clearly the dependency chain is more complex now.

I'd simply like to know the canonical set of things that must be done to manually take a 6.X-RELEASE FreeBSD system up to having a properly working nvidia driver that can run OpenGL applications.
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