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Default Re: Guild Wars on Satelite Internet

Originally Posted by vandalous
You won't hit FAP for gaming except for the big updates that they occasionally send. There are some good programs out there that help monitor FAP usage on your rig and network. If you go satellite, I can help you with that.

I'm gonna try some GW a little bit later and see how it plays since I've upgraded my HN account and moved to the 7000S. You can forget about any FPS or XBox Live or anything like that via satellite though.

yeah, do some guild wars and let me know how it runs. im gonna try verison tonight with my work phone, since sprint doesnt have service out here. nextel does, but no sprint. and now im looking into either wild blue or hughesnet. anyone know if either one is better? looks like hughes costs a lttle more but has lower ping times.
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