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I can't get it to work. Forgive me, I'm an utter Linux newbie, so I'll need things simple.

Specifically, my card is a Gainward Bliss 7950GT Golden Sample Edition (512MB). The driver version is whichever is here:

I followed these instructions:
and installed x11-video-nvidia and nvidia-gfx-kmp-default from using YaST but it didn't work.

I did some searching in the opensuse forums and found this:
saying that the kernel-source and gcc packages needed to be installed before the drivers. I installed them and updated the 2 nvidia packages (as the thread said to do) but still no go.

The /var/log/nvidia-installer.log file doesn't exist.
When I run lspci (as someone on the opensuse forums advised me to do) it lists my graphics card as this:
06:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0295 (rev a1)

People here have mentioned xorg.conf as being important - where do I find that?
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