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Default Re: DVD and video playback on LCD HDTV

Originally Posted by Toss3
Okey so let me get this straight, you want to connect your pc to your TV and watch a DVD on the pc? So you're basically using the lcd tv as a monitor?

And if this is what you're planning on doing the only question you should be asking is whether the picture on your TV will show up correctly, as in 1:1 pixel mapping. So the resolution of the movie in question won't really matter as you'll be able to stretch to fit the screen whatever the quality. It will work just as any pc monitor out there. Hope this helped!
Well yeah....I was under the impression that if one played a DVD on a HDTV monitor, that the DVD would still look fairly good because the monitor upscaled the media{where upscaling means...:add more pixels to closely match the HDTV's native resolution}.....however, if it merely doubled the image like you can do with WMP11, then presumably, the image quality would degrade...?

For example, if you have a video file @ 320x240, you can use WMP11 to play it @ 100% or 200%, but @ 200% it doesn't look as sharp, although it's a larger image.

I don't mind the idea of having 1:1 pixel mapping, but if the files resolution is relatively low, then it would look tiny on a 13x768 screen wouldn't it?
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