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Default continuing development?

I am about to buy a new laptop to replace my desktop PC. I REALLY like the Dell Inspiron 8500 series laptop and it comes with an NVIDIA GeForce4 Go 4200 64M graphics card, which is great!

However, I haven't seen a single update to these FreeBSD drivers since they were released! I'll most likely have to run FreeBSD 5.0 in order to get ACPI support and Cardbus support running. But from what I've seen by reading these messages, FreeBSD 5.0 isn't supported and the NVIDIA FreeBSD drivers are buggy on FreeBSD 5.0 (at best).

This fact may force me to instead buy a Sony VAIO GRX700 series laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics chip set. After all, I need OpenGL support! I like to develop games in my spare time.

So what gives? Is NVIDIA going to Open Source their drivers? Are they going to continue developing for FreeBSD? Or are they going to drop FreeBSD support in favor of LINUX? Not everyone loves LINUX...

I run FreeBSD servers and I don't see that changing anytime soon (especially when KSEs become stable in 5.0). Because of this fact, I bend over backwards to run FreeBSD workstations. NVIDIA developers, please either release your drivers as Open Source or continue development! I don't want to go with ATI!
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