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Originally posted by AFCommando
I'm not using gnome or kde, so I don't think the arts thing is an issue. Would a muted channel prevent mp3s from being decoded? I realized if it was playing but I didn't hear any sounds, it would be another story. But it seems to have problems just trying to decode anything and sending it to the audio device.
i even did _not_ mention it could be a solution. just a bit of my experience with some BTE errors that occur while i meddle around with sound. (rare information about distro/system/version of software = wild guesses)

in my oppinion running a (still) totally unstable 2.5 series is never a good option until you _really_ know what you are doing. switch back to 2.4 and i guess most of your problems will be solved.

ah and another hint: check if all devices are correctly created and the permissions are suitable. check if any daemon/server is using the devices. but i am sure you have done all of that, including RTFMing...
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