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Originally posted by Hellbinder

Dont you Nv types even know your own hardware? and whats going on with your drivers???

Quality mode in all current Nvidia Drivers = Ballanced mode. Which Clamps several texture stages to Bilinear Filtering, Cuts out some Blend stages etc..

The reason why this is different than Atis approach is this. You Nvtypes are always pointing out how ATi's method Shanks the AF at really odd bizzare almost never seen angles like 22.5 DEgrees. When the entire time you are so completely foolish becuase Nvidias Method shanks ALL ANGLES. As I have pointed out over and over Anisotropic filtering was never intended nor appropriate for all angles. Primarily 90' and some others. This is a mathematical principle that is true even outside the graphics world. Thus ATi's method *is* the correct approach. AS it deals correctly with the problem of Anistopy as it exsists. Whereas Nvidias method is one to hack the Filtering in several ways even on the primary angle of 90'.
Negative, pal.

What you say used to be true, emphasis on "used to." nvidia renamed the driver settings yet again, and Application = Quality now, Balanced = Balanced, Aggressive = Performance.

For someone who bashes on nvidia so much, you sure don't keep up with current events.

Also, what is this "you Nv types" nonsense. Look at my sig. Tell me what video card I have, it's not nvidia
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