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Default E6600 Stuck at 3.4 ghz on 680i. Trying to go higher....


My L631A454 E6600 is stuck at 3.4ghz for an overclock.

voltages and Bios settings

VCORE: 1.51875 (The 680i has VDrop, so probably really 1.48v)

FSB: 1.5

VDIMM: 2.2 (stock voltage for my Dominator 8500)

Everything else is on AUTO.

using an Evga 680i P24 BIOS (the latest)

Set to - Linked - Sync

RAM is suppose to be at 1066 but because of problems with the 680i have to set to 800 or below, any higher and there is instability. Go see the evga motherboard forums.


I would like to achieve a 3.6 overclock, hell even 3.5ghz would be fine.

My E6600 has a lapped IHS to 800 grit and is as flat as I can get it. Termperatures during Orthos are max at 51c

I'm stuck on what to try now. Any tips or pointers or ideas of what voltage to try next?

My water cooled TEC system should be up and going in the next month or so, that should almost gurantee 3.6 overclock.

I'm using a lapped Tuniq Tower.

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