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Default Re: Nvidia - Mandriva 2007

I am using the Mandriva 2007 for x86_64, and had 3D hardware accelerated graphics right off the installation disc. I also had no problems installing the latest drivers downloaded directly from the NVidia site. Overall they work fine, allowing me to play Doom 3, Wolf ET, etc, acceptably. However as others have put forth, I can enable but cannot use the famous 3D Desktop. I'm not sure that I want to, but cannot if I decide that I do. If I use the AIGLX, I get the black & white thing described elsewhere; if I use the other option nothing changes at all.

Also, though I was able to add the option to enable SLI, the system is only using one of my two 7900GT KO cards. Also, I enabled the coolbits, but it does not appear to make nor save the changes in GPU core & clock speed, even if I set this as root.

Is it possible that by removing these and installing the plf drivers? Is this all due to unique aspects of the Mandriva OS and how the drivers are installed/configured?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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