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Default Re: Need some help getting to 2.8GHz with my A64 x2 4800.

Originally Posted by rHy0
Folks sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I need some critical advice. I am closing in on 2.8GHz (already sable at 2.75) and in order to have it stable I will require more cpu voltage. Now right now the i have it at 1.5v (fluctuates to 1.53) according to cpu-z, although oddly i set it to 1.47 in bios.

Can I increase the vcore more from 1.5v safely? Temps are not an issue as i only hit 45C at the mo.
I run my x2 at 1.53v currently. I've had it as high as 1.57v with no problems. I have been trying to hit 2.9ghz for 3 months now. I was 16 hours prime stable at 2.75ghz @ 1.51v. These chips seem to hit their max around the 1.5v area. Anything much more is a point of diminishing returns. I'm sorry to tell you but pushing it any farther with raised voltage is undue stress man.

You could probably run 1.6v through it but I wouldn't go any higher than that on air. I just installed a watercooling system in my PC and refuse to go over 1.55v. My idle temp is 29C and my load temp is 37C with my system at 2.8ghz. In order to hit 2.85ghz it requires 1.59v and to even get into windows at 2.9 it requires 1.67v. Unless you've got money to burn you've likely reached the max of your chip.

But to answer your question as you intended. You can likely increase your vid up to 1.55-1.65 safely as long as temps are managed. Not guaranteed though.
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