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Default Re: Nvidia drivers and 2.6.18 kernel, Slackware 11

I've tried to play Counter strike 1.6, Diablo2 LoD, World of Warcraft. And used glxgears to define fps.

In addition: after i posted here i did some things. I've entered in 2.4.33 kernel (i didnt delete it) and tried to install some drivers. Firstly 9631 - got same result as I have at 2.6.18 kernel, after that I've installed 8XXX and got same result too. So I've tried to install 7667 drivers and did it without any troubles and I was type 'glxgears', got 2300 fps Now I know, where is a problem. It's a problem with drivers. New drivers gave low fps anyway. And here we've got another problem. Why I cant install 7667 driver under new 2.6.18 kernel. Maybe driver cant be used at new kernels? I'm lookin for answers.

P.S. I dont wanna paste results of glxinfo and nvidia-bug-report before u will look at my new post.

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