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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

Ok for the heck of it I set the nVidia driver @ high performance and the game @ highest performance; cities still run rough and way too choppy even though I am frequently breaking 200FPS. High FPS does not stop the chop and it does reduce its severity to a degree. I left the game @ my native res of 1680x.

Hathor Zhi is very rough and Khal is not quite as bad. When other folks are around FPS drops. The game thrashes my hard disk waaaay too much for the amount of system and video ram I have.

I hope this game is not going to be another Shadowbane, where the servers simply can't take peak load times. I feel sorry for folks with older systems trying to run this thing @ a decent res with balanced settings or greater.

Oh and Xion, don't expect this game to run smoother on Vista, it is the same or worse in many cases.

EDIT: OK I tried running it in a window @ 1440 x 900 and it runs much smoother in cities with high performance settings. I noticed it forces on vsync when you run it in a window. I'll test some more but @ the highest settings in cities.

Pfft. Flock it. Turning it to highest quality immediately started the chop again around Hathor Zhi. I even dropped it to 1024 x 768 in a window @ Hathor Zhi with highest quality settings and it still has far too many rough red and yellow colored FPS pauses. It loves thrashing my hard disk.

BTW I tried full screen with with low res and highest quality and Hathor Zhi still has rough pauses where the FPS bottoms out into red and yellow numbers. It will drop from hundreds down into the teens on occasion in Hathor Zhi @ highest quality. Seems like some BS to me. It happens when you are running about or sometimes when you quickly pan around to view the opposite direction.

Wonder how it runs on X1950 XTs. I did hear Brad, "plays his game on a X1900 XT" back when they were developing it. Think I will go ask around Rage.
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