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Default Re: Unified Xen and real-time preemption patch for 1.0-9625

Originally Posted by JaXXoN
So they finaly moved from "Signal Action" to "Interrupt Flags"? :-)
Actually I haven't figured it out myself, I got this information from a German Debian forum.
They knew that the interrupt flags have to be used instead of signal action, but actually they were not aware of the patch available from here. By combining the patch and the interrupt flags I was able to build a working nvidia driver module
And because I am not familiar with kernel hacking at all, I can't even tell what "Signal Action" or "Interrupt Flags" are used for or what's the difference...maybe you could give me a short overview of what we're talking about

Originally Posted by JaXXoN
No messages at all? Did you tried using serial console?
No, I haven't. I was just too lazy to try anything but just booting the kernel image, and after I selected the new kernel image in the GRUB-menu, my monitor became black and nothing else happened. The hard drive of my computer did not make any sounds as well and so I concluded that the kernel did not work.
To be sure I even unpacked 2.6.20 again, patched and compiled it with the working config of 2.6.20-rt3 (from /proc/config.gz), but without success.
I hope -rt6 will be released some time next week, so I can give it a try.
If -rt6 won't work as well I'll try serial console (has to be enabled somewhere in the kernel config I think, haven't used that for quite long...).

Did you try 2.6.20-rt*?


Addition: I am running an AMD64 Debian Etch system, so 32 bit systems may behave different.

Addition2: According to Andrew Morton, maintainer of the -mm kernel tree, wants to have high-resolution-timers and dyntick merged in vanilla 2.6.21. Both patchsets are part of the -rt patches, so this will lead to less difference between vanilla and -rt and as a result better compatibility with the nvidia driver or other "external" kernel modules. (At least I hope so)

Addition3: If you want to try the -rt kernels with a working nvidia kernel module yourself, you can be lazy now - I created an all-in-one patch based on the patch from the first post in this topic by removing the offsets and adding the Interrupt Flags-Line.
Should work for 2.6.20 with Xen, but not tested.
See attachment, have fun
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