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Default Re: Nvidia - Mandriva 2007

Originally Posted by Logik
Is it possible that by removing these and installing the plf drivers? Is this all due to unique aspects of the Mandriva OS and how the drivers are installed/configured?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
As you may have noticed on this forums - nVidia isntructs to first use `drivers prepared by your distro vendor, if it doesn't work then use stock drivers.

In Mandriva's case using PLF drivers is a simpliest way to get rid of those unfamous "hite screen of death" while using baryl/compiz. PLF provides as much compatibiled nVidia drives with Mandriva policy as it is possible.

If you want to uninstall "stock" nvidia drivers please follow those steps:
1. Boot to the login screen
2. Press CTRL+ALT+F1
3. Login as a root
4. Type init 3
5. rmmod nvidia
6. Type sh /path/to/the/ --uninstall

After succesfull uninstall boot to your graphics environment(KDE/Gnome/...) by typing init 5

Now add add plf repositories(where you can find nvidia drivers and other stuff). Everything you will find here

When you finish this, type "urpmi nvidia" - wait few moments, and everything is done, fire up drakx11 and reconfigure your graphcs settings. After restartinbg X server you sould have working plf nvidia drivers
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