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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

Hathor Zhi just runs like crap. There's no way around it. In that room where the three stone statues are holding the ring of fire up to the star ceiling I get around 10-15fps and it's choppy as hell. I submitted a detailed bug report to their team about this, although I'm sure by now they've probably heard it hundreds of times. But everyone please submit a bug report to them with your system specs.. it can only help.

Although the entire game performs way under par for the graphical detail it has, the biggest performance drops always seem to happen around other online characters. Get 10 of them in a room at once and you can forget it.

Mal--I was mainly wanting to move to Vista in order to avoid the red screens I get whenever walking around inside the towers. That is dreadfully annoying because it significantly impacts the visuals of the game. It's terrible.

Aside from all of these glitches, the game is awesome. I just hope they put the time into fixing all these problems.

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