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Default Re: Nvidia drivers and 2.6.18 kernel, Slackware 11

netllama, look. I think that my card cant work good with new drivers under linux (i got problems with new drivers and some games at Windows too. for exam i cant play in CoD2 with new drivers under Windows, just with oldest). Need to say again, my card is Nvidia GF4 - MX440.

U said that glxgears isnt benchmark, but ive tried play too. I can play under 2.4.33 kernel. And cant play under 2.6.18 cuz i said: my fps are low. and if u dun wanna know result of glxgears i said that ive tried to play Diablo 2 for exam (too old game) and ive got many lags How to generate nvidia-bug-report.log? And in addition (cuz i will attach nvidia-bug-report.log after ur answer about it.) I will attach glxinfo result.
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