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Angry Re: Freezing problems with a 7600GS AGP

Originally Posted by netllama
I have a few questions:
2) If you set NvAGP to 0 in the Device section of xorg.conf (and restart X), does that help?
OK this doesn't help, Computer still freezes. But this time I managed to use SSH to connect to the frozen computer and I could see that X is using 100% of CPU. If I tried to use GDB to see the backtrace of the X process I could only see this:
0xb718dbdf in _nv001016X () from /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
Oh yeah, I also checked for the latest BIOS and I'm using the latest version F8.

So I guess the only option now is that the latest drivers would help, but I can't find them for Mandriva 2007. I could only find ones for Mandriva 2007.1. I guess I'll try this and I very much hope they work. Otherwise I realy don't know what else to do.
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