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Default Re: m2npv-vm won't boot newer kernels.

Hi Lonnie.

Thanks for your reply.

This bug report seems well documented:

Describes exactly what I am experiencing. It also describes a hack/fix I don't quite understand. I've been compiling my own kernels since 2.2, and I have no idea what this person is referring too:
"I compiled 2.6.18 and setting acpi_skip_timer_override to 0 instead of 1 makes
the problem go away."

It would be nice if I knew what "he" meant. I can't find a setting for that...even in:

I don't think I upgraded the bios on this board, but I will check next boot. In the kernel bug report it's mentioned that an upgrade to the latest bios did not fix the problem. There may have been another update, which I will check.

Anyways, I hope that is more to the point.

Chris m. w.
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