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Default Re: OpenGL apps crash - FreeBSD 6.2/9631

Hi everyone,
I had the same problem in FreeBSD 6.2 with an 'old' GeForce 2 MX/400. First tried installing the driver from the .tar package (which, as has been said, used to work in past FreeBSD versions). Then read a post in this forum about the 9136 driver being added to ports so I updated my ports tree and installed the driver. Yet all GL apps dumped core.

After reading some posts here I saw that my failed manual install had left a bunch of libGL* libnvidia* and libVxNVIDIA* files in /lib. I manually removed this, recompiled BilliardGL (/usr/ports/games/BilliardGL) and it worked.

Hope this helps solve your issues too.

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