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Default Still fail

I checked my setting. And stiil fails.

I used "sh" to install nvidia driver. Still no errors and no wanings too. /dev/nvidia* created nomally. I can insmod nvidia normally, with only one GPL waring.
But when I cat /dev/nvidia0, it tells me that "NVRM: init_RAM_failed".

I think is has no relation whith Xserver. The resean may be:
1) linux kernel.
2) Bios setting.

My kernel is the original one dilivered from Redhat9 distribution. And I think many people have succeded in installing this driver for Redhat9. Moreover I install kernel souce RPM package. And no other kernel has been installed or comiled in my computer.

Now I will try to subsitute my redhat9 with other kernels and install nvidia driver. If this works I will accept too.

For Bios settings, can anyone tell me how to set them?
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