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Question Nvidia Install problems on Fedora Core 6

I've been running Linux for about 4 days now, so I appoligize for not knowing much. Despite reading as much as I can find, I still am unable to load the Nvidia drivers. I have download the Nvidia install package (, and logged out of the X-server (init 3) and ran the command "sh"...This resulted in an error message in finding the Kernel source.

So, I downloaded my current Kernel version source file (kernel-2.6.19-1.2895.fc6.src.rpm) and extracted that to: "/usr/src/kernels/Linux-2.6.19" and then exited back out of the X-server and ran "sh --kernel-source-path= /usr/src/kernels/Linux-2.6.19" The Nvidia installer was then unable to find the file 'version.h', which indeed was not at the location it was looking (nor was it anywhere else).

I also tried running "sh -k $(uname -r)" I have no idea what this does, however it did force the installer to proceed, but upon loading back into the X-server it died and resulted back to the old config (and manually attemping to change the xorg.conf file to use the driver 'nvidia' instead of 'nv' would result in it crashing on restart as well, leading me to believe the driver was not correctly installed (it seems to be somewhat installed since i can change to it in the display settings, and when i try to reinstall the driver I am asked if I want to install over the old one.

So...Any advice on how to successfully install the Nvidia driver (from start to finish, i really am not even sure if i have all the necessary packages - I installed the version of gcc that the kernel was compiled with 4.1.1, but that is about all i installed) would be greatly appreciated, and I will uploaded any log files along the way as necessary.

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