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Default Re: DVD and video playback on LCD HDTV

Originally Posted by RupertBanana
Look "kid".....I've obviously struck a raw nerve.......I guess it pays to be polite, otherwise someone might tell the truth about you.
FYI, I don't care if someone is a nerd, but I do care if they chose to be rude, especially when they're anonymous and at a safe distance, IOW, you wouldn't dare mouth off to your elders face to face, as they'd slap the taste out of your mouth.
Old man, I think it's time for you to get back in your chair and stop pretending like your in some other era.

I also honestly could care less about who or who is not a nerd. But when it comes to loud mouth, arrogant fools such as yourself I start to mind.

You seem to be forgetting that you came here for help. I gave a suggestion but you seem to have had a hard time taking advice from a "kid".

Thats okay though, just go ahead and stick to your video tapes and hand-cranked dildos grandpa. I don't mind that much after all.
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