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Default Re: FC6 GeForce 420MX TV Out Picture Scaling

Having the same problem. S-Video TV out went from just fine under the 8xxx nvidia-glx that's in Edgy to absolutely atrocious with the 9xxx nvidia-glx in Feisty. As described by others here, it's horribly interlaced. Nothing in nvidia-settings makes it any better, though with the overscan control I can make it look a little different, but definitely not acceptable no matter what I adjust.

I have seen this behaviour before, when I installed the beta 9xxx drivers in Edgy - I quickly ditched them and went back to 8xxx when I couldn't fix the screwy interlacing in the TV output. I kinda thought they'd have fixed this by now - I really hope they're working on it, as the TV-out is pretty useless in this state. Since I'm using NTSC, I don't know if PAL output is similarly afflicted.

Kubuntu Feisty
nvidia-glx 1.0.9631+
Geforce 4 MX-440 SE
NTSC S-Video output
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