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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

Originally Posted by Malficar
If I was using SLi I would not be on Vista; it works half the time and often poorly in that case.
Is there even a driver for SLI in Vista yet? I didn't think there was.

The thing I like best about the 8800GTX actually is it completely freed me from dual card|gpu needs @ 1680x or 1600x with filtering active.
Yeah. You don't really need it at that res right now, except for a select few games. Oblivion, for one, I can tell a noticeable difference with (From ~35-40fps in forests --> 80) but that's only if you're picky about performance--which I am. Most people can't tell a difference between 40-->60fps, but I can and it drives me nuts.

I'm fixing to find out something, though. I had a huge boost in performance last night while playing Vanguard after overclocking my processor from 2.4gHz--> 3.6gHz. I was getting ~30fps more on average than I was w/ it stock. But I also changed my SLI rendering settings at the same time to force SFR, so I'm not entirely sure which is to credit for the performance increase. I'm off to do some benches right now.

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