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Default Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card

Hi Lonni,

I tried to force the use of the NvAGP module by blacklisting agpgart and via_agp. The NvAGP module wouldn't load. Insted I get agpgart (but not via_agp). I then set AGP to 0 and still get agpgart loaded. I guess because the nvidia kernel module needs it even though AGP is disabled. The via_agp module does not seem to be needed.

Are you using Ubutu dapper 6.06? If you are then I guess the problem is specific to my hardware. I don't have time to test anything else for now but when I get more time I'll try using the card in two other machines.

1) Also Ubuntu 6.06 but a dual athlon insted of a dual PIII.

2) Another dual athlon but runnig fedora core 3.

That should help to narrow down whether it is a hardware or a software problem. I'll post the results here.

Thank you for looking into it.

Best Wishes,

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